October 2015 Music Lesson

You can relay Ed's music lessons below, pause them as you need to, and then experiment with the playback files under each example of music below.  The first example is the full 4 part music score as you see in the hymnal.  The other 4 images and playback files are of each individual voice part.  Sing along with your part as it plays to learn how to sing that part.  While you sing and listen to the playback, notice how the notes for your part move up and down with the pitch and how some symbols are held longer than others.  Congratulations! You are taking your first steps toward reading music.

Lesson #1 October 4, 2015

Sopranos and Altos Only



Click to play


Click for Soprano Part




Click for Alto Part


LIWTBAC_TENOR Click for Tenor Part


Click for Bass Part