Main Street Presbyterian Church Media

The media ministry of Main Street Presbyterian Church provides audio and video files of sermons, worship, and special teaching events.  The libraries of files can be accessed through the sermon page on this website, our facebook page, our YouTube channel, or at  These files can are available for streaming or download to a world wide audience.  Easy access links to each of these libraries is provided below with a brief description of each.

MSPC Sermons The Main Street Presbyterian Church Library contains audio files of sermons going as far back as November of 2012.  Beginning with June of 2015 most sermons have a video link of the sermon or worship service in addition to the audio file.
mspcm In February of 2016 we began posting videos of worship services, evening sermons and special teaching events at YouTube.  Up until we began Go Live video broadcasts on FaceBook, YouTube served as our primary video library.  We have now shifted our video emphasis to Facebook, but the YouTube channel will continue to serve as a source for posting special video presentations.
mspcfb In February of 2017 we began broadcasting our morning worship services and evening sermons on Facebook utilizing Go Live. These live broadcasts are posted to Facebook and can be viewed anytime.  To watch these videos you must have a membership at Facebook.  Detailed instructions for using Go Live are given below.
mspcsa Since April of 2013 we have maintained an audio library of sermons at  Each month messages preached from our pulpit become part of this library of over a million sermons and are accessed by people all over the world.

 How to Access Go Live on Facebook

  1. You can only access the Go Live feed if you have a Facebook account. If you don’t have one, enter in the address bar of your browser and follow the steps there to open a free account.
  2. There are several ways to find the church Facebook page. Of course, you can use the facebook link above to carry you straight to the MSPC Facebook video library, or you can go to your own Facebook page and enter “Main Street Presbyterian Church, Columbus, MS” in the search engine at the top of the page. The church Facebook page should come up in the search. If it doesn’t, go to our church website, “” and click on the Facebook logo at the bottom of the home page.  The link should take you directly to the church Facebook page.
  3. Once at the page, (If you haven't already, make sure you click on “Like” and “Following” so you receive notices of our posts in the future.) scroll down to the videos. You will see the most recent videos represented by an image and a title that should include the date. If a Go Live feed is in progress the word “Live” will appear in a red box.  This is the Go Live link.  Click on the Go Live video link and you should begin receiving the live broadcast. If you are expecting a Go Live link (Sunday Morning or Sunday Evening) and don’t see one, you may need to reload your browser and scroll down several times until it appears. 
  4. If you are not looking for a live feed and simply want to select a video to watch, click on “See All” underneath the three featured videos. You should then see a list of all available videos that have been posted on the Main Street Presbyterian Church Facebook page.  Be sure to use the “Like” and “Share” links when you watch a video and then share it on your timeline or with a specific friend.  That way, you expand the potential viewing audience for all our materials.  Who knows if someone looking for a word of encouragement might find it through your shared post.