Libby Springer Yard Project June 27, 2015

Sharing a Vision

Kitty Brewer had a vision. No, it wasn't anything mystical or earth shattering. It was a simple vision. Her sister in the Lord, Libby Springer needed a little help. Libby has been sick for a long time. Many of the simple tasks she normally would take care of around her home have gone undone out of necessity. Those simple tasks, when undone, have a tendency to pile up and grow into complicated projects. Kitty could see that Libby could use a hand. She shared her vision with her husband, Alan. Alan shared with his Sunday school class. The word got out, and something wonderful happened.

Being the Church

A plan was made. A time and date were set. Telephones started ringing. The email started bouncing through the internet. Social media made room amid cat videos, political badgering, and agenda pushing to announce the plan. Responses came. Commitments were made. In simple Christ-honoring fashion, somewhere between 21 and 25 people showed up at Libby's home at the appointed hour and her world was impacted and changed with the love of her Christian brothers and sisters. The body of Christ ministered to her in her time of need.

Giving Him Praise

Libby was thankful and expressed her gratitude repeatedly to everyone who responded, and we would like to express the same. Volunteers, what you did was amazing! But she knows the same thing we all do. As visionaries, organizers, and volunteers, we were not in charge of what happened that day. Our sovereign Lord did what He has been doing since the beginning. Through His people, He was worked to minister to the one in need. His Spirit planted a seed of burden in the heart of one woman who was responsive to her sister's need. Then He watered and nurtured that seed, and it grew into something wonderful and beautiful. Dear church, give glory to God for the opportunity to serve and minister in His name. We love you, Libby. Enjoy the view.


I apologize for the quality of the pictures. They were taken on the run, and most are out of focus. Enjoy the short videos. "Tree Wars" is just for fun.


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