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Nursery guidelines and procedures.

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even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

-Matthew 20:28


We are served 

As a community of believers, we follow the Biblical example of seeing to the physical and spiritual needs of the congregation through the offices of elder and deacon. As a family, we face the struggles of life together. We help bear each other's burdens, and we celebrate all our victories. The type of service we are describing here goes beyond programs and funds. It is not uncommon for an individual to see a need in someone's life and take action to meet that need.

Our community groups have worked together to meet specific needs within their group and outside. Believers discouraged by the direction the winds of life have carried them have found comfort in knowing they were prayed for by Sunday School class member they barely knew.

We serve

The flip side of being served is getting to help one another.  Part of growth is taking what we have learned from the pulpit and the classroom and putting that knowledge into use through service.  We serve by giving. We help by doing. We serve by praying.

(Some) Opportunities for service

Volunteer rotations

  • Nursery 
    • Infant
    • Toddler
  • Usher
  • Security
  • Audio-Visual


  • Sunday School
  • Wednesday nights
  • VBS

Communion Preparation




  • Singing on Worship Team
  • Instrumental
  • Offertory Solo

Serving Through Giving

  • Communion Fund
  • Mercy Ministry
  • Clothing donation to the Presby Closet
  • Putting a meal in Main Street Meals

Serve on the Mercy Ministry Committee