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Our Mother’s Day Out Program is for 1-year-olds. It meets twice a week, and the children spend the day playing, working on motor skills, and discovering the world through their senses. They will be exposed to books, music, and developmentally appropriate art projects. Children must be 1 by September 1st to be in this class.

 For most, the 2-year-old class is the first school experience for children. This class is all about the adjustment of being away from home and with other children. We try to make this transition as easy as possible! The 2’s enjoy a fun-filled day of free play, sensory-motor activities, and developmentally appropriate art projects. Some pre-k skills the 2’s work on our shapes, colors, and counting! Children must be 2 by September 1st to be in the class.  

83385426_10216272377022166_5962830730579935232_nThe 3’s enjoy free play in their learning centers and group time and working one-on-one with their teacher. During group time, the 3’s are introduced to the calendar, seasons, months, and days of the week. We incorporate all of the developmental domains into our day, but we focus on in the 3’s is social-emotional development. We want to help the children start to understand their own emotions and behaviors and those of others. We work on how to get along with peers by emphasizing kindness, sharing, and respect. We also work on soft skills such as self-confidence and communication. The 3’s are introduced to the letters, numbers, patterns, opposites, and many other readiness skills. Children must be 3 by September 1st to be in this class.

Our 4’s curriculum is designed around exploratory learning through play, peer learning, as well as one-on-one time with teachers. They have thematic units each week that are geared towards their needs and interest. The 4’s focus on letters and their sounds, recognition of numbers, how to recognize, spell and write their name, sequencing, concepts of print, building listening skills, and the development of fine-motor skills. Children must be 4 by September 1st to be in this class.