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Main Street Meals

“Love each other as I have loved you”

 -John 15:12

The mission of Main Street Meals is to support our fellow church members who may need help in serving a meal due to illness, hectic work schedule, unexpected life events, or other reasons. 

Main Street Meals is a food pantry service for the members of Main Street Presbyterian Church founded through one of our Community Groups.  The purpose is to have casseroles and other food items available to any church member who may need a meal to serve at their home or to take to another church member or family.  As Jesus commanded in John 15:12,  “Love one another as I have loved you,” the mission of Main Street Meals is to support our fellow church members who may need extra help in serving a meal at their home due to illness, unexpected events, hectic work schedule, or other and would benefit from the pantry’s provisions.  A List of Meals will be posted in the kitchen off the church library to allow those members utilizing the meal service to pick what best fits their need either for themselves, their family, or to take to another church member or family.

 Main Street Meals Guidelines:

  1. PREPARE: Suggested foods are casseroles, individual frozen items in freezer safe bags (cooked meats, vegetables, breads, or other freezer safe items), and dry goods (boxed or canned items or condiments to accompany a meal).  Items prepared from local restaurants or bakeries are acceptable (i.e., Brunswick stew from The Butcher Shop) OR frozen casseroles from the grocery store (i.e., Stouffer’s Lasagna).  All frozen casseroles should be double-wrapped in heavy duty tin foil. 
  1. LABEL: Adhesive labels for the items are available in the kitchen off the church library OR may be printed at home.  Click here to download the label file from this website. Tape the label to the casserole. Please fill the label out in its entirety including:
  • Source: Provide a website, cookbook, local vendor or family recipe.
  • Expiration date: Reference the FDA Food Storage Chart in the kitchen OR view/download it by clicking here.
  • Ingredients: List the ingredients or reference the website where the recipe was obtained as this is important for members with food allergies. 
  1. DELIVER:  Meals may be brought to the church and stored in the kitchen off the church library. Write your donation on the List of Meals when you deliver. 


People have asked where to find recipes for frozen casseroles.  Please check out the following 3 websites if you are interested in helping to stock the Main Street Meals pantry:


  1.  Taste of Home link with 150 freezer recipes!!!:


  1.  The Pioneer Woman episode on filling the freezer...


  1.  Southern Living link to some good ones!


For any questions regarding MAIN STREET MEALS, please contact Bethany Hairston through email at or contact the church office.


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